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Hi, I'm Sugene, the girl behind All This is Mine zines and stuff. I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for over a decade but moved to Portland, Oregon in 2010.

I started making zines as an outlet for lighthearted self-indulgence, completely separate from art-making that I took seriously. In the back of my zine, All This is Mine, I advertised small things that I made that were for sale through mail order. It was mostly just back issues of the zine, mixed media postcards, envelopes, and t-shirts. I didn't get a lot of orders, but it was fun when I did.

I started using the name All This is Mine for almost any crafts that I made in multiples, not just my zines. In 2002 I decided that I wanted a web presence, and I hand-coded the first ATIM website. Since then, there were a few changes such as getting a domain name (thanks, Matt!), having a web designer spruce up the store image (thanks, Arianne!), and changing the focus of my stock by following my whims. Although the zines have taken a smaller role since those early days, I still consider them as the cornerstone of this whole enterprise. This is why I keep all the old, out-of-print issues of All This is Mine zine still on the website. And every so often I still publish a new issue.

I love mail! You can write to me at :

Sugene / All This is Mine
PO Box 18081
Portland, OR 97218

Or e-mail me: allthisismine (at) gmail (dot) com

XOXO, Sugene

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