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I went through my huge collection of various lined papers to put together this special stationery set. Engineering paper, ledger paper, children's handwriting paper, taxi dispatch sheets, French grid paper, Thai receipt book paper, and Japanese handwriting sheets are some of the delights that may be included. Sheets are different sizes to accomodate short memos and longer letters.

A variety of envelopes (air mail, vellum, windowed) enable you to mix and match with the pretty sheets. Add your own stamps and embellishments to make your correspondence more unique.

Stickers and labels provide a finishing touch! Each package also comes with two vintage stickers that say "REMINDER If you have not sent your check... Please mail it today."

Your office paper stationery set may not be exact to the one pictured here but will be pretty darn close.

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(paper, envelopes, and labels)

(paper sheets only)


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