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ATIM POSTAL PARCEL (3rd edition)

Brown paper packages tied up with string are definitely among my favorite things. And what does the mail bring today? If you're lucky, you'll find this small parcel covered with foreign stamps, cancellations, and air mail etiquettes.

Each parcel contains:
* 13 different air mail envelopes, including some rare vintage ones and some foreign ones
* a Japanese aerogramme
* an authentic Western Union telegram (blank)
* 1 sheet of Thai post stationery
* a Thai envelope
* 2 sheets of hand stamped stickers in different designs
* 1 sheet of screenprinted air mail etiquettes
* 2 address labels with letter carrier images and 1 regular address label
* letterpressed printed sticker sheet of mail etiquettes
*2 tags - "place stamp here" and "Registered No.____"
* 1 medium and one small glassine envelope
* mini envelope with "Happiness post office" mail truck
* Blank postcard for your own mail art (140 lb. cold press watercolor paper)
* an airplane notecard
* 6 foreign cancelled stamps made into stickers
* 3 unused foreign stamps (2 Thai, 1 South African)
* 2 sheets of perforated paper, gummed and ungummed for making your own faux postage
* a strip of alphabet handwriting stickers
* letter stickers
* vintage gummed labels: 1 air mail, 2 enclosures, 1 Rush
* priority mail stickers, fragile sticker, and 3 Japanese fragile glass stickers
* packing list pocket

Whew! That's a lot of mail fun. Each postal parcel is packaged in a brown kraft envelope and tied up with string, sealed with a wax seal on the back. Limited edition!




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