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My favorite thing about going back to school was always getting some fresh school supplies. Even though I'm out of school, I never outgrew my fondness for lovely school supplies. Each set includes:

Notebook - This lightweight notebook won't weigh down your backpack. It has smooth, college lined pages and a pocket in the inside back cover. I hand draw the school desk image on the cover of every notebook. (Each is slightly different as shown in the last photo.)

Vintage report card - A genuine report card from the 1930's-1960's. May include marks for nature study, citizenship, or efficient use of class time.

Sticker sheet - 15 stickers with 3 different images (inkwell, calligraphic flourish, and pen nibs) are hand stamped on this sheet. Use them to decorate your homework sheets!

Pencil case - This soft pencil case features good penmanship on the outside and a library of books on the inside. Just the right size for carrying your pens and pencils! (Zipper colors will vary.)

Two 1-inch buttons - The signature ATIM logo and a girl writing a letter.

Certificate of Merit - You deserve it! Fill it in with whatever you like.

Yellow number 2 pencil & Pink Pearl eraser - classic school supplies!

The Back to School Set arrives beautifully wrapped, making it the perfect gift for someone (including yourself).

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