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The zine is what started it all, and this is issue #10: the arts and crafts issue. Here you'll find instructions on how to make paper, bagels, soap, an advent calendar, an eye pillow, fizzy bath bombs, a zippered pouch, how to do gold leafing, and more fun stuff. This has been one of my most popular issues, so get one while you can!

I originally declared this issue out of print, but while cleaning my room recently I found just a few more copies of this. Covers have various fabric patches like the second edition zines, but the pages are from the first edtion (and therefore don't have the additional edits). Once they are gone, I won't be making more.

Each issue comes with a bunch of interesting materials and ephemera to use in your arts and crafts adventures.

Review from Zine World #22:
A departure from its usual perzine format, this arts-and-crafts-themed issue is supplemented with a baggie of crafty treats: beads, paper fragments, comics, fun! Easy-to-follow how-to articles divulge the secrets of mobile-making, zippered pouches, and gold-leafing, plus there are recipes for envelope flap gum, snacks, and fancy personal care products. All thumbs when it comes to crafting? Not to worry, the instructions are leavened with plenty of humor and encouragement ("Don't mess up! I'm watching you!") C'mon crafters! Don't you deserve a little DIY luxury?


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