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The Letter-Writing Issue

I have always been a fan of the old fashioned craft of putting pen to paper to communicate with someone. This zine is my tribute to letter-writing. Digest-size and 40 photocopied pages filled with musings on sending thoughts through the post.

Includes essays, articles, clips on:
*why I choose to write letters
*outdated letter-writing etiquette
*my preference for penmanship
*envelope origami
*letters and travel
*how to choose a fountain pen
*an interview with Pod Post
*and more!

Each cover has a cancelled postage stamp and is hand stamped. A glassine envelope affixed to the front contains a small assortment of papers, labels, envelopes, and/or stickers. With all this hand assembly and different colored covers, no two are exactly alike. (I'll pick a nice one for you!) Each zine is then tied with string, package style.

Originally published in 2007, now updated with 2009 postage rates.

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front cover

sample page

sample page

sample pages

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