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ALL THIS IS MINE #13: Train to PDX

In August 2007 I decided to take the train to Portland to attend the Portland Zine Symposium. I've always wanted to ride an overnight train in my own little sleeper, and I finally made it happen.

This zine was completely written during my 15 hour train ride and consists of a series of journal entries. I originally planned to print and copy the zine once I arrived in Portland and then have this brand new zine available at the symposium. About 90% of the work was completed, but I made a conscious decision not to finish it in time for the symposium. I wanted to enjoy being in a new city instead of rushing around to finish layout and make copies.

I finally finished putting it together after I returned home. So as promised, this is the train issue. Quarter size zine, 16 pages.

temporarily sold out

front cover

sample page

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