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Simply titled "Three Basic Book Repair Procedures," this zine will teach you exactly that. The three lessons are: Hinge Tightening I, Hinge Tightening II, and Tipping in Loose Pages. Each procedure is explained clearly with step-by-step photographs. Intended for libraries without trained book repair staff, the tips are useful for anyone with hardcover books in need a little bit of repair to make them last longer.

This pamphlet was made by Carole Dyal, Library Conservator at UConn Storrs and Pete Merrill-Oldham, Director of Marketing and Sales of Acme Bookbinding. It was produced in conjunction with a basic book repair demonstration held in the Library of Congress exhibit booth at the 1998 Annual Meeting of the American Library Association in Washington, DC.

Zine is 16 pages, digest size.


Cool Beans! #15

Cool Beans! #15

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